ZANTI APK – Download Latest V2.5.0 For Android Smartphone
ZANTI APK – Download Latest V2.5.0 For Android Smartphone
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ZANTI APK is a complete toolkit that has been developed by Zimperium mobile security and is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of cyber security professionals. The application allows the security managers to gauge the level of risk that is associated with a network and that too at just a push of a button. It can be conveniently called a mobile penetration toolkit that is used for testing and evaluating the network of an organization.

zANTI APK 2.5.0 Free Download Latest Version For Android Device:

With zANTI APK by the side, one can easily test the vulnerabilities that are present within a mobile device or websites automatically. This evaluation of vulnerability will make use of several penetration tests that include password cracking, a man in the middle or MITM and Metasploit. For all the functions it performs, zANTI has often been referred to as the favorite of any hacker!

How to Download ZANTI APK:

If we were to define the function of zANTI, it can be broadly categorized as a three step process, these are:

  1. Scan

The application uses a number of completely customizable network scans that brings a clear picture of authentication, protocol specific attacks, and backdoor attacks.

  1. Diagnose

It allows the security officers to make an easy evaluation of any organization’s network and then diagnose its vulnerabilities, the ones that are present in mobile devices or the websites that are in use. It makes use of a number of penetration tests for the purpose, for instance, password cracking, the man in the middle or MITM and Metasploit to name a few popular ones.

  1. Report

Once the scanning and diagnosing of issues if done, the most important part of the application surfaces and that is reporting. The software helps to bring in light all the loopholes in the security of the network that was scanned. The software not just finds out the security gaps but also reports them using the most technologically advanced cloud based reporting, making use of zConsole. It makes use of all the possible methods that can be used by a cyber attacker to look for the security gaps in any network in the organization. It also makes use of dashboard reporting that helps the businesses and organizations to figure out the level of risk and then find an appropriate corrective measure if there is any security issue that is critical and needs instant looking into it.

What all can zANTI APK do?

  • Hijack HTTP sessions
  • Capture downloads
  • Exploit routers
  • Audit passwords
  • Change MAC address of device
  • Create a WIFI hotspot (malicious)
  • You can do modifications in HTTP requests and responses
  • Check for SSL Poodle vulnerability

A Step By Step Guide On How To Use zANTI:

Step 1

You can Download zANTI APK 2.2 version from the official link provided online.

Step 2

Once it is completely downloaded, install the application on your device. You will also have to allow root access.

Step 3

Now enter the details like your email address and then click on the checkbox that says ‘I accept Zimperium’s, Eula’. Click on the ‘start now’ button.

Step 4

With this, a pop-up window will appear. The pop-up window will enquire if you wish to join the zNetwork or not. You will click on ‘Enable’ if you wish to join and click on ‘Skip’ if you do not wish to. After a few seconds, a screen as shown below will appear.

Step 5

Click on ‘Skip’ and then click on the checkbox that says ‘I am fully authorized to perform penetration testings on the network’ (as shown in the box below).

Step 6

Click on ‘Finish’ and with this, you will see the screen as shown below.

Different Modules:

There are different modules of zANTI APKHow to use zanti and each one of them has a separate function to perform. For instance, zTether will allow the user to create a WIFI hotspot and then subsequently manage the network traffic. Similarly, Mac changer will allow one to change their WIFI MAC or Media Access Control address. Some of the other modules are zPacket Editor, SSL Strip, Replace Images, Capture download, intercept download, and insert HTML,, WIFI monitor, HTTP server and Redirect HTTP.

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