WhatsApp Plus APK Download For Android (Latest V6.20) 2017
WhatsApp Plus APK Download For Android (Latest V6.20) 2017
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Ever since the introduction of WhatsApp, there has been a revolution of sorts in the online communication world. There is no other application that has even come close to the popularity of WhatsApp, even though there are several competitors in the market.

The application has fast taken over the normal SMS service as well as the regular phone calling. When people have almost become addicted to WhatsApp and its useful features, there comes WhatsApp Plus for Android devices.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download for Android Device:

Whatsapp Plus Apk

As the name suggests, WhatsApp Plus is an updated version of the original WhatsApp and has several exciting features to its credit like the users can easily hide their last seen time, they can change the WhatsApp theme, save them or even share it with their friends. Downloading and installing the updated version of WhatsApp Plus is an easy task and it can be done without necessarily making any changes in the original version of WhatsApp.

Information of WhatsApp Plus:

  • App Name: WhatsApp Plus
  • Version: 70
  • App Size: 6 MB
  • Android version required: Android 4.0 and above
  • Package Name: WhatsApp2Plus
  • Main Features: All the features of WhatsApp+ extra features that are hidden

Features of WhatsApp Plus Apk:

Following are some of the additional features that you get in WhatsApp Plus:

  1. It has the option of a video call, always online mode and also an option to disable voice calling.
  2. The user can easily hide second ticks, blue ticks and even the last seen time.
  3. The user can be online 24×7.
  4. It is possible to share high-quality images with WhatsApp Plus.
  5. The user can take a backup of chats and history so they do not have to redo the registration process when installing WhatsApp again.
  6. The limit of characters in status has been increased to 255 characters.
  7. The launcher icon of WhatsApp can be changed.
  8. It is much easier to change themes using different applications.
  9. The themes can also be saved, loaded and shared with friends.
  10. The application has a log that keeps a track of the time when your friends were online.
  11. The users can configure the size of the images and also the pixels of the pictures.
  12. The application has an inbuilt lock that helps to lock the user’s WhatsApp, without any need of third-party software.
  13. This version of WhatsApp has several customization features.
  14. It is possible to send any kind of files with it like TXT, DOC, PDF and many others.
  15. With the help of WhatsApp Plus, one can create group invite links.
  16. WhatsApp Plus is updated to the last version of WhatsApp, i.e. it has all the features of the previous WhatsApp versions.

Requirements to Download WhatsApp Plus

  • WhatsApp Plus Apk file
  • Backup of chats and history
  • A strong internet connection (to download and install apk file)

WhatsApp Plus APK Download and installation on Android Device:

Step 1

Download the WhatsApp Plus from a link provided by several websites online. Once the application is downloaded, install it.

Step 2

Take a backup of all your chat and history by opening WhatsApp on your device. Go to Settings> Chats> Backup.

Wait for a few seconds so that the process of backup can complete.

Step 3

Now you need to uninstall the WhatsApp from your Android device. Go to Settings> Apps> WhatsApp Plus> Uninstall.

Step 4

Now install WhatsApp Plus that you had initially downloaded from a link from one of the websites.

Step 5

Enter your mobile number and then verify it using an OTP code that will be sent to your phone. The process is automatic.

Step 6

You will now need to enter your name and other personal details and you are ready to use the new version of WhatsApp-the WhatsApp Plus!

The user will have to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp before they decide to download and install WhatsApp Plus on their Android device. The app is the best version of WhatsApp and has almost all the features a user can ask for. WhatsApp Plus is currently not available for iPhone. The iPhone users can instead use GBwhatsapp for iPhone.

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