VRoot APK Download – Latest V2.0.9 for Android Device
VRoot APK Download – Latest V2.0.9 for Android Device
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Make rooting of Android device faster and safer now with one-click rooting of VRoot App. Download the latest version of VRoot to enjoy rooting and unlocking the possibilities of your Android device with one click.

VRoot is the upgraded version of the iRoot rooting software which is specifically designed to root android mobiles and tablets for free. The application support one-click rooting of Android devices and allows you to master the Smartphone with clean and smooth rooting. The application is free to download and easy to use, all thanks to its one-click rooting support and clean interface.

VRoot APK Download Latest V2.0.9 for Android OS:

VRoot App is the windows based software and hence users would require to download the application on their Windows-powered PC and transfer it to their Android device for faster and easier rooting. It has few steps to follow for downloading and installation and can root any Android device ranging from 2.2 Android OS to the latest version with just a single click.

Amazing Features of VRoot App:

  • One Click Rooting – VRoot App is the advanced rooting tool that allows you to root your Android device for free and with just one click. Users need to launch the application on their PC and connect it with the android device using USB cable and start rooting their device with just one single click.
  • Installer – The application features an installer which can only be used after downloading the application on Windows powered PC. You need to download and install the application and launch it before using it for rooting.
  • Recovery Root – The application feature Recovery Root that allows the users to root their Android device using recovery method. If the application finds it difficult to root any device, then it automatically starts rooting the device by booting it into fast boot mode.
  • Add-ons – After successful installation of the application on your device, you will come across with few extra apps which are pre-installed on the device including Chinese App Store and System Cleaner.

Basic Requirement for VRoot Installation:

  • Download the latest version of VRoot App from its official website on Windows Powered PC
  • A PC powered with Windows Operating System is required
  • Compatible USB data cable is required for connecting the PC with Android Device
  • Ensure the android device has compatible USB drivers preinstalled
  • Security passwords and patterns are disabled
  • 50% of battery backup is required for rooting
  • Clock Word Mode is not required to be installed

Quick Facts of VRoot App:

  • The rooting process is irreversible in some cases
  • VRoot is completely free to use
  • Prefer taking backup of all your data and files for emergency situations
  • Ensure that you are using compatible Android version for safe and easy rooting
  • VRoot English version is available for international users

VRoot Apk Downloading and Installation Process:

Since rooting your android device will void the warranty of the manufacturer, you are required to think twice prior to rooting the device with VRoot App. The process of rooting the Android device with vRoot is very easy and simple. But, before rooting the device, you need to download and install the application on Windows powered PC. Follow the below steps to download the application and start rooting.

  • Download the official version of vRoot APK from here on your Windows PC
  • Install the software on your PC by following the instructions and guidelines
  • Now after installation is over on your PC, connect the PC with your Android device using USB cable
  • Launch the vRoot app on your PC and search for the device that is connected to the PC to start the rooting process
  • Now proceed with the steps to start rooting the device and wait till the rooting is over.

Step by Step Guide for Rooting of Android Device with VRoot:

  • Create a backup of all your files and data stored in your device
  • Connect the device with the PC where vRoot is installed
  • Ensure that the device has updated USB drivers and it is working aptly
  • Search for the device you want to root using the application
  • Select the device once found and click the root button
  • Wait until the rooting process is over

These are the easy and simple steps to root your device with one single click of VRoot.

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