VidToMP3 APK Download – Latest V1.1 For Android
VidToMP3 APK Download – Latest V1.1 For Android
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VidtoMp3 is the best application that helps you download audio files from music videos through all video-sharing websites for free. It is a must-have web-ware that supports downloading of videos for you. Download VidtoMp3 Apk on your Android device to enjoy its features.

VidtoMp3 is the widely used application by professionals which supports users in downloading videos and MP3s from all major video sharing websites like YouTube, MySpace and others. It extracts your favorite videos from all major platforms and converts them into mp3 format. Recently, VidtoMp3 website can convert videos from a variety of popular online video sharing sites over the internet. Since it is free to use application, users are not required to register or pay any charge to use the application for downloading and converting videos into audio files and MP3s.

VidToMP3 APK Download For Android Device:

The interesting fact about this application is that it supports a wide variety of videos formats and helps you extract videos from different video sharing sites and convert them into MP3s with ease on your Smartphone. You can convert the video files into MP3s and save it on your device to listen to it later.

Remarkable Reasons to Download VidtoMp3 for Android

  • It supports almost all the popular video formats and converts them with ease into MP3
  • It is totally free and doesn’t require any signup or registration
  • It can download videos in all formats and convert it into MP3
  • It comes with easy to understand and easy to navigate interface for users
  • It supports almost all the videos sharing websites
  • You can convert unlimited numbers of videos into MP3 for free

Interesting Features of VidToMP3:

  • It supports varied video formats including MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, FLAC, MOV and more
  • It supports varied audio formats MP3, M4A, WMV, AAC and more
  • It supports MP3 bit rates 48K, 46K, 80K, 96K, 112K, 160K, 224K, 320K and more
  • It helps you browse folders directly available within the App
  • It allows editing and adding metadata: year, genre, album and artist name
  • You can choose the video resolution of your choice before conversion
  • It allows extracting of music from videos and movies and save them as your ringtone
  • It allows sharing of audio and video files on varied social sites and apps for free
  • It helps you to trim and convert varied MP3 files in your device with ease
  • It supports single tap and play of video files
  • It can convert music videos or other videos into MP3
  • It can also convert videos to MP3 that are stored on your device already
  • It allows editing of MP3 MetaData

Downloading VidToMP3 Apk For Android Device:

VidtoMp3 is the third party application which is not available for download at Google Play Store. So, it is necessary for you to download the application form online reliable sources. You need to get the APK of the application on your device and then install it on your device for easy downloading and conversion of videos into MP3 files.

  • Go to the Settings of your phone and enable the “Unknown Sources” on your device
  • Now download the VidToMP3  apk from here
  • Store the APK on the SD card of your device
  • Now you need to go the location where you have stored the APK of the application to successfully complete the installation of the application on your device.

Installation of VidtoMp3 on Android Device

Below are the steps which you need to follow after downloading the APK on your Android device.

  • After successfully downloading and storing the VidtoMp3 Apk on your device you have to navigate to the location where you have stored the APK
  • Tap on the APK of the application to start the installation on your device.
  • You will be asked for permission, so you need to grant permission or successful installation of the application on your device.
  • Wait till the application in successfully installed on your Android device
  • Once the application is installed successfully, you can start converting the video files to MP3 with ease.

You can convert the videos directly from the website of VidtoMp3 by typing or pasting the URL or link of the video files.

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