Vacation Challenge to Fabulous Las Vegas & Sunny Los Angeles

Hi everyone! So we wanted to see how many places we can visit on the west in five days. Join us on our road trip challenge to the fabulous Las Vegas Nevada and sunny Los Angeles California. Enjoy the amazing Las Vegas strips, malls, shows, Mojave Deserts and beautiful LA beaches.
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7 thoughts on “Vacation Challenge to Fabulous Las Vegas & Sunny Los Angeles

  1. Gotta give you kudos for swimming in LA. I lived there for over 10 years in the past and never once had I jumped in that water because it’s tooooo cooooold πŸ₯Ά. I’m a bit confused because it’s really cold in Vegas and LA right now πŸ€”
    Did you visit Santa Barbara while you were there? It’s a beautiful place that often reminded me of Jounieh, Lebanon.

  2. Ur so lucky!!

  3. Very Nice trip, i”m planning to visit Las Vegas this year in fact, you said that you are gonna drive 4 hours for the Canyons, did you done it? Did you visited the Pawn Stars famous shop ? πŸ™‚ how many days you suggest me i may need in Las Vegas ? What about the hotel? The Palazzo you suggest?, lot of Questions heh….yesss πŸ™‚ it will be helpful , thanks for sharing your lovely moments !
    If you plan to visit MOntreal one day, keep me in touch i”ll take of you walaww πŸ™‚

    1. +Peep The Z , SO when you come to Ottawa just stay in touch, we live 2 hours from there, (on the East shore of the island of Montreal)my name is Marwan Lteif-Marvin Le Tief on facebook, Jad is my boy name.
      We enjoy your videos, God Bless !

    2. Hello Jad.. Ok, so the Grand Canyon that everyone knows and sees in the photos is on the east side and is 4 hours away. The “touristic” one is 2 hours but it’s not authentic and more commercial. Honestly, we, as a family, got bored after two days. I mean, how many shows can a person watch. Single guys or couple might have more to do. You can’t walk around at night as a family. So we were pretty limited. All the hotels are very nice, you just have to look for deals. Look out for extra charges like resort fee or parking fee and such.. breakfast was 25 a person.. lol. Get a car and drive to an Einstein Bagels. We have family in Ottowa, we’ll for sure love to see you if ever go visit. We’ll probably meet up with Mark Hachem, he’s a youtuber from there too. Thank you for the invite and I hope you enjoy your trip πŸ™‚

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