Trip Report: Southwest Airlines (Economy Class) Los Angeles – San Francisco | Boeing 737-700

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Thanks for taking time to watch this fully comprehensive review today, which features a flight in Southwest Airlines from Los Angeles (LAX) to San Francisco (SFO) on a Boeing 737-700.

Airline: Southwest Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Flight Number: WN1069
Class of Travel: Economy Class
Registration: N228WN
Seat: 16F
Scheduled Flight Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Actual Flight Time: 48 minutes.
Filmed on: iPhone 7
Date Filmed: September 2018
Notes: My 3rd flight on Southwest and my 3rd on the Boeing 737-700.

My thoughts:

This was my 3rd flight of the day on Southwest and I was impressed how they were going against the grain compared to traditional cost cutting measures employed by most airlines around the world these days. The crew made a really good impression on me even though this was a short flight. Friendly, enthusiastic and really look like they enjoyed their jobs and this was the same on all 3 flights that I did, that really shows a good company culture. One saw my filming and even asked “Do you need me to film anything for you?” Great to see. I also find the open seating where you can sit where you like, really works in your favour as long as you check in early! Nice to see an airline doing it different and making a fun experience.

The good summed up:

– Not one, but TWO free checked bags on all fares!
– Free snacks and beverages handed out on all flights.
– Enthusiastic crew, who looked like they were having fun while at work (See above).
– Clean aircraft.
– Friendly ground staff.
– Consistency across all 3 of my flights!
– Open seating. You can sit where you like, just make sure you check in early and get on the aircraft early!

The improvements:

– One thing I did notice is that there were no larger food items available for purchase on my flights. This doesn’t worry me, but it may for some on longer 3 hour sectors who haven’t had a chance to eat in the terminal.

For what I paid, I had a lot thrown in. No complaints at all and a good impression left on me. I’d fly Southwest again any day. I hope this little summary helps display the little details which can’t be covered in the video!

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7 thoughts on “Trip Report: Southwest Airlines (Economy Class) Los Angeles – San Francisco | Boeing 737-700

  1. Thanks for giving this video a watch, I hope you enjoy it. To change things up a bit I’ve dropped a bit of music in a few places, but haven’t overdone it. Southwest are good fun to fly.

  2. Just pretzels? ugh… I knew they dumped peanuts years ago, but yikes! I thought they kept the free fresh fruit cart at least. Added winglets = No food? At least the sun came out from above the clouds/smog. Happy travels. (Please post if you fly the John Wayne Airport noise abatement take-off ride!) Thanks!

  3. That’s an expensive way to cross the bay!

    1. Cheers mate! It’s very close indeed. Sods law though as my subscribers were growing pretty quickly and now they’ve slowed right down. But should get there eventually!

    2. Exactly. Where’s the fun in that, couldn’t agree more. Also you are sooooo close to 1K Subs. You’ll probably hit it tomorrow evening. Congrats in advance 🙂

    3. It is indeed. My full itinerary was Seattle-Oakland-Los Angeles-San Francisco. The crew did say to me why not just get off in Oakland. But where’s the fun in that.

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