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8 thoughts on “RETURN TO L.A. (LOS ANGELES TRIP PART 1) (Vlog 1031)

  1. What the name of the hotel

  2. Looking forward to the vlogs Chris. Love L.A. Just a heads up for future U.S. trips have a check on Norwegian Flights. They are direct so will give you more holiday time, and customer service is excellent. They have very good prices and customizable to save even more money. I have been using them for a few years now and personally will always use them. Not Sponsored. Try renting a car next time. I use Alamo, again not sponsored, all the time now after trying many. I find their service, prices, and cars excellent and as I have said before, you don’t need a credit card. I have never used one, just a visa debit card. Before that just a debit card. They do the same with it as a credit card, take a pre-authorised amount. It gives you so much more freedom in the states. Well, enjoy the holiday.


    1. Copy that.

  4. A year ago today I flew back from LA. Heathrow is a crazy airport. Jealous that you’re there! Canada is also on my bucket list, hoping to be going September 2019. Can’t wait to watch the rest of your vlogs, have fun!

    1. Don’t be jealous. Be glad you have been here and look forward to Canada. Then I can be jealous. 🙂

  5. I’m at the intro and I can already tell I’m going to love this trip,have fun !!

    1. Somehow, I think I will love this too. 😉

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