Los Angeles Lakers 95-80 Miami Heat | Heat finishes road trip with loss to Lakers

The Miami Heat looked tired on the last game of their trip, losing to LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lakers to return to Miami at 6-3. Ethan J. Skolnick and Alex Toledo look at what led to the loss.

Does the zone work? Does Miami need another defending big? And will Kendrick Nunn get back on track?

5 thoughts on “Los Angeles Lakers 95-80 Miami Heat | Heat finishes road trip with loss to Lakers

  1. I don’t think Nunn is pressing enough. He’s been passive!

    1. Oswaldo Delgado cause he getting defended

  2. Man we choked under the bright lights of Hollywood/LA which i anticipated. Disappointing.

    Who gives a shit about the Lakers. BAM WTF? Absolutely inept on offense, good grief. So fing clumsy. Ugh. Why is everyone so bullish about this guy? PROVE ME WRONG BAM

    I think its inevitable that we have to consider Love/Griffin via Bam, Kelly, etc. over the next 5-10 games if our diminishing returns inside doesnt taper off.

  3. Bam is losing his confidence. He spent all offseason to work on his offense and it has showed up in the form of pump fakes and passes. Nunn-sanity is also over. Nunn doesn’t appear to have a 3rd gear to help him get past his opponents. Unless the defender is James Harden, Nunn is shut down and it doesn’t help when Nunn doesn’t even look for his shot when his team is needing someone to help them get to the top. Someone to carry them for a run during the game.

    1. Oswaldo Delgado Nunn was pretty good when Justise was playing which nobody forgets

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