Los Angeles – American Road Trip Stop 4

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11 thoughts on “Los Angeles – American Road Trip Stop 4

  1. Mesmerising.

  2. cool video, ready for some portland videos

  3. Cody and Sarah in La La Land. The Sundance Edition.

  4. the Vlog is lit as always, thank you for posting.

  5. Awesome video 👍. I always wanted to go to California, I got a very good idea of how Beautiful it is… Thanks for the Video 😊 Also the food looked Amazing!!

  6. New video!

  7. Music set the video off perfectly, very nice!

  8. Very nice Cody.. Back in late 1990’s I worked in construction driving a gravel truck, and I can not count how many loads I took to the Getty Center 100+ up and down that big hill. And where you stayed in Long Beach was about 5 minutes from where I use to live. I am up in San Jose now and after seeing this video made me home sick, tell I saw the last seen of this video traffic on the 405 then I felt better again. 😉 Great job but just a little FYI if you love this 70 degree 340 days of California weather then be prepared for rainy constant weather in Oregon even in the Summer time.

  9. The Eames house would have been a spot I think you would have enjoyed. Looks like it was a packed stop though!

    1. Really wanted to see it but you have to book private tours and it’s $$$$

  10. Wow! Great job highlighting beautiful California. I’ll bet you were the only one filming the ceiling of the restaurant 😀.

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