Leaving Everything To Move To Los Angeles

After I got the job with Yes Theory I knew I had to leave my comfortable life in Virginia to move to Los Angeles. I found a stranger on Instagram to make the trip with me, and what happened throughout the trip will be an adventure I never forget.

14 thoughts on “Leaving Everything To Move To Los Angeles

  1. Just as I become an intern with Yes Theory, you leave…. Wish I got to know ya better my boyyy. Keep crushing it🤟🏼



  4. You left Virginia for LA? I’ll never understand that.

  5. Just keep it up!

  6. Loved it, this is definitely your style

  7. Glad you’re back, I really enjoyed your vlogs back in the day. Are you still with that girl with the short black hair?

  8. I prefer ‘Fortis Fortuna adiuvat’ as quote which is basically means the same. However I sadly missed the few spontanous chances that I got so far and I am too stuck up to make my own 🙁

  9. You’re short bro

    1. He mentioned he is 5’2″

    2. +Suprit Reddy okau

    3. I think he already knows 🙂

    4. i also think same

  10. Great video bro!!!!!

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