KIk Messenger APK Download – Latest V11.33.0.18125 For Android OS
KIk Messenger APK Download – Latest V11.33.0.18125 For Android OS
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Reaching out to your loved ones and communicating with your friends has only become easier and more fun by the day, thanks to the updating technology. Several applications have been developed primarily for the purpose of improvising on the experience of messaging, chatting or communicating with others Among the scores of messaging applications that we hear about, around us every day, KIK APK has managed to find immense popularity among its users for its simplicity and versatility.

Kik Messenger APK Download For Android Device:

It would be wrong to consider KIK Messenger Apk as merely a messaging application; it is much more than that. While it surely is an easy way to connect with your friends, you can stay in the loop with this app and explore several other things with the help of chat. The unique thing about the application is that the user does not require any phone number to connect; they can just pick up a Username and initiate a chat or a conversation.

General information about KIK Messenger APK:

  • Name: Kik
  • Package: android
  • Version: 3.1.12434
  • Size: 55 MB
  • Requirement: Android 4.0 and above
  • Installs: 1000,000,000+ downloads
  • Developed by: Kik Interactive

Steps to Download Kik Messenger Apk:

Step 1

Choose a Username with whom you want to initiate a chat. You can choose to chat one on one or in a group.

Step 2

You can be much more expressive by sharing pictures, videos, GIFs, and smileys together with the text messages.  You can further explore with your friends and have fun with them by sharing games and much more on the same platform.

Step 3

This app is not just about connecting with your old friends but making new ones that have similar interests just like you.

General Features of Kik Messenger Apk:

  • Kik has a very simple and a user-friendly interface; the registration process is also easy and does not require a phone number. The username does the job of a phone number here.
  • Apart from the text messages, the users can make use of smileys, photos, videos, and GIFs to be more expressive and meaningful
  • The new version of the application has a new video chat feature that allows the users to have a more personalized chat.
  • Just like the other applications, groups can be created in this one too for a group chat. The users can join any number of groups and also there is no restriction on the number of members in a group as well.
  • The application is absolutely ad free which comes as a breather for most of the users.
  • The application has an integrated wed browser just like Facebook that allows the users to open web links without having to leave the application.
  • Another unique feature of the Kik Messenger application is that in case the user is also a developer, the application provides an open source tool that enhances the overall experience of using the application.
  • The only limitation with the application is that the video screen it uses is very small in size.

Features of the new version of KIK Messenger Apk (

  1. You can now enjoy a completely new look of your favorite application KIK. It is much easier and convenient to use. Since there is no complicated functioning in the app, the users can spend more time enjoying the chat than trying to understand the interface of the app.
  2. It is also easier to find your friends, discover bots and make groups small or big with ‘+’ menu in the new version.
  3. It is easier to access photos, GIFs, smileys and stickers since they have been strategically placed right under the text for convenient use.
  4. There are several instances when you have a lot to share and you send multiple messages in a row, in such cases, chat bubbles group together.
  5. There were a few complaints in the earlier version about a faded D. This has been taken care of and the colors of S, D and R have been made darker.


New Video Calling on Kik Messenger

Now you can enjoy even more personalized chats with the help of new video calling feature in the new version of an app. Download Kik Messenger Apk allows the users to chat in real time (back and forth). To start the video chat, just tap on the video icon on the top right corner of the screen that is visible when you are chatting one to one or in a group.


Kik Messenger is an application that provides you a complete solution to online communication. Download the app today and enjoy unending chats, explore new games, make new friends and be much more expressive by sharing pictures, videos, GIFs, and stickers. And all you need is a Username!

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