KIDS ADVENTURE LOS ANGELES ZOO TRIP. Join EOWYN & ELORA as they take a trip to see the amazing ANIMALS at the LOS ANGELES ZOO. These KIDS love an ADVENTURE and they were so excited to find out that we were taking a TRIP out to the LOS ANGELES ZOO for the day! We arrived at the LOS ANGELES ZOO to start our ADVENTURE at around noon. We had actually planned our KIDS ADVENTURE LOS ANGELES ZOO TRIP to arrive at the ZOO on opening but, unfortunately, it did not work out that way! Nevertheless, when we got to the LOS ANGELES ZOO, the KIDS hit the ground running and we tried to see as many animals as we could! The LOS ANGELES ZOO is fairly large and there will be a lot of walking from one exhibit to another! Before you know it, the ZOO’s early closing hour of 5pm will creep up on you real fast! Our KIDS ADVENTURE LOS ANGELES ZOO TRIP consisted of us trying to get to one exhibit to another as fast as we could to see as much as we could before closing time! LoL! The KIDS still had a great time and our KIDS ADVENTURE LOS ANGELES ZOO TRIP was a success. The KIDS can’t wait to go back again! EOWYN & ELORA’S PRINCESS ADVENTURES.

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