Gboard Apk – The Google Keyboard Apk Download Latest Version
Gboard Apk – The Google Keyboard Apk Download Latest Version
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There is no denying the fact that Google is our ‘Answer everything under the sun’ tool and we have used to umpteen numbers of times to find an answer to the query and then shared the same with others. Now imagine being able to use Google and then share the information in the same window, without having to switch applications, whether you are texting or watching videos.

Gboard Apk makes it possible with Gboard, the Google keyboard. The keyboard gives you everything from speed, reliability, built-in Google search and several other features right from the keyboard. You can type faster with glide typing, enjoy voice typing and search your favorite emojis and GIFs without much fuss.

Some Tips to Use the Gboard Apk Application for Android Device:

Use the following tips to enjoy Gboard Apk well:

  • In any application in Android 4.4+, you can press the Enter key and hold it to choose from among a number of Emojis available.
  • You can enable one-handed mode of the application by pressing on Enter for long and then clicking on the thumb icon. This will pin the keyboard either to the left or the right of the screen of the phone.
  • Use the gesture cursor control by sliding the finger across the space bar.
  • The user can also enable the fast capitalization of letters by gesturing from the Shift key towards the character to be capitalized.
  • If you wish to delete multiple words together, slide left from the Delete key.
  • Go to Settings> Preferences> Number row to make the number row available to you at all times.

Unique Features of Gboard Apk:

  1. Glide typing

The user can type much faster using the glide typing keyboard that is available on the Gboard. It allows one to glide the fingers from one letter to the other smoothly which enhances the typing speed.

  1. Voice typing

If your hands are full and you are too busy to type a text message using the glide typing feature of the Gboard APK, you can try using another unique feature of the application- voice typing. The feature allows you to dictate the text easily while on the go, without having to type it.

  1. Search Emoji

You do not have to search your favorite emoji from among the several that are lined up; you can now search them much faster using a special search dedicated to them.

  1. Search GIFs

You can now search that perfect GIF to match the reaction with the help of GIF search that is available in the Gboard. However, this feature is available only in the applications that have image keyboard support in them.

  1. Multilingual typing

You can also enjoy multilingual typing without having to switch between the different languages manually, thanks to the additional feature in the Gboard! The Gboard helps to suggest the user about the language from among the ones that have been already enabled by them and autocorrect it as well without having to click on the globe key again and again.


  1. Google translate

The Google translate feature in the Gboard Apk helps to translate the text automatically as and when you type it.

  1. Search and share information using Google

One of the most interesting features of the application that makes it outstandingly unique is that you can search any information on Google, using the G button on the keyboard and then share it with others as well. You can search anything ranging from the popular stores, restaurants, weather forecast, sports score or any location. So the feature allows you to virtually search everything that you can search on Google.

  1. Choose your theme

You can choose your favorite theme from among a number of themes that are available or choose to customize one as per your personal choice.

  1. Supports different languages

This unique keyboard application supports around 120 different languages.

Additional new features

  • The users can now draw their favorite emoji to search them using the feature Emoji handwriting.
  • It helps in the prediction of phrases and makes suggestions.
  • The search cards are updated.
  • It has new bug fixes as well.
  • There are some new language layouts and suggestions and glide typing in different languages as well.

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