First Ever Trip To Target !!

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10 thoughts on “First Ever Trip To Target !!

  1. Loving the vlogs Jazz💗

  2. Can someone link Carrie’s And Alexa’s channel? Couldn’t find them. I don’t know their channel names😅

  3. Walmart is closer to your ASDA. Walmart has the George brand.

  4. Where is America are you?

  5. Wal*Mart are Asda. They have the same Roll Backs and everything!

  6. Jazzy’s vlog VS revising for my exam…
    Hmmm… jazzy won 👍🏻📚😀

  7. Twizzlers!!

  8. Jazzy you’ve changed the way you speak at the end of sentences, the USA is influencing you! Stay British 😂

  9. lol how much is a bag of “sweets in the UK”….$2.00 for a pack of jolly ranchers is NOT expensive lol….

  10. I live in New Zealand and I feel like target and Walmart and..Azda? are like the same as out k-mart or like the warehouse? the home section definitely reminds me of k-mart… (K-mart is my life BTW)

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