ERoot APK Download Latest V1.3.4 for Android Device
ERoot APK Download Latest V1.3.4 for Android Device
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Rooting a mobile or any other device like a tablet gives root access of that device to the user. It is very similar to running Windows as an administrator. The users gain complete access to the system directory and can also make desired changes to the way the operating system operates. When you are set on rooting your device, you will find several rooting tools online that help to root the devices in a single click. Among the list of such popular tools is ERoot-considered as one of the best Android rooting tools that complete the process in a single click. It is compatible with the following versions of Android:,, 4.1.A.0.562, and 4.0.2.A.0.62.

While the official version of ERoot Apk is available in the Chinese language, there are unofficial updates available in English that are uncomplicated and are successful as well. It is not possible to download the ERoot directly on Android devices so the user must use a Windows running computer to run the program.

ERoot APK Download Latest V1.3.4 for Android Device:

The latest version of ERoot—ERoot Apk 1.3.4 is released and this error fixed version can be downloaded directly on the PC from the link provided here.

Requirements for ERoot Apk

  • A Windows computer
  • A USB data cable
  • Install USB drivers
  • The device should have enough battery life

Devices Compatible with ERoot 

  • Sony Xperia ArcS, Arc, and Ray
  • NeoV, Neo, Mini, Mini Pro, Active, NeoL
  • Xperia Pro

Step by Step guide to root an Android device using ERoot:

Step 1

On the device that needs to be rooted, enables the USB debugging mode.

Step 2

In the settings, enable the unknown source so that the device allows running ERoot.

Step 3

Using a USB cable, connect the device to the PC.

Step 4

Before running ERoot Apk, make sure you install ADB drivers, failing which, ERoot will not be able to detect the device.

Step 5

Once downloaded, open the ERoot apk file and click on the Root button to start the rooting process.

Step 6

Wait for some time until the process is completed. When the process completes, the device will reboot itself.

Things to remember when using ERoot

Remember the following points before you root your device using ERoot:

  • Before rooting your device with ERoot (or any other rooting tool), remember to backup your device to save all its data.
  • Never try to access any program on your device once the rooting process is on.
  • If you believe that ERoot was not successful in rooting the device, you should refresh the program using ERoot.

Is rooting an easy process?

While we hear of several rooting tools that can complete the process of rooting in a single click, the truth is that rooting has become a complicated process than what it used to be. If you are an Android user, you must have noticed the fact for yourself that rooting an Android device today is much more difficult. Earlier, there were several rooting tools that could root the device within minutes. One such extremely popular tool was Towelroot that was available in mid-2014 but Google patched that quickly. The reason for such quick patch up is clear–active exploits as these are actually not good for the device and they work as security holes by which the malware makes way into the device and steals the important data of the user. Companies like Google and the device makers play a responsible role when they decide to quickly patch up such exploits and help the customers.

We all have read that rooting gives a complete root access of the device to the user and with this also comes the independence of using the device as per the desire. But rooting a device comes with certain risks as well. For instance, having a complete control over the system of the device can also be misused so the user has to be very careful with the process. The rooting device even compromises with the security system of the device since the rooting applications have a complete access to the system. This is a great reason why Google does not support any rooted devices officially.

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