Did It Snow in Los Angeles | Joseph Royal Vlog

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Took a trip to San Fransisco and on the way we found snow in Los Angeles.

Who would of known I would leave Canada and see it snowing in la. I didn’t come here for this weather.

What’s up my name is Joseph Royal and welcome to my vlog channel.

On this channel I create vlogs about music, travel, technology, healthy eating, and self help.

My goal with this YouTube Channel is to show you the behind scene of being a musician. As an artist my life automatically a vlog and I want you to enjoy the in and outs of getting to my goal of entertaining a million people a day. I’m always in a different city or different country collaborating with artist making music videos and songs.

2 thoughts on “Did It Snow in Los Angeles | Joseph Royal Vlog

  1. Cool In Latvia now it is not snowing right now but it was snowing…..

  2. Where is your bra eye mask?

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