Being In Touch APK Download : Here’s How To Install Salman Khan’s App

Being In Touch Apk: Being In Touch is an amazing official application of Salman Khan which is launched on his 51st Birthday. Well, Salman Khan is the Samaritan in the gameplay helps poor people by giving solutions, suggestions, beating up the trouble maker to save the victims and also by promoting the Swachh Bharat plans. Salman has done a favor to all of his fans by releasing his Being In Touch apk download app.

Being In Touch app will help you keep in touch with some of the latest news, videos, and pictures of Salman Khan. Connect any of your social media network accounts such as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the app of Salman Khan.

Being In Touch APK Download For Android Device:

Being In Touch Apk

Here I will educate you the benefits and the procedure of Being In Touch apk download.

How to Download and install the Being In Touch APK on your Device:

If you are looking for downloading the Being In Touch app for the iOS device, then it is unfortunately not available yet. So far it is available for only Android devices so here are the steps mentioned on how to download and install the Being In Touch apk file on your Android device.

  • Step 1: At first, click here to download Being In Touch APK download for your Android device.
  • Step 2: After completing the download; click on Being In Touch apk file.
  • Step 3: Go to the device administration settings and allow all the “Unknown sources” or third party application( if it’s remain uncheck).
  • Step 4: Now follow the installation process after clicking on the Being In Touch file.
  • Step 5: Agree to the terms and conditions for the verification and click on the install button.
  • Step 6: After the installation process completed launch the Being In Touch app on your device and start to learn so many things on Salman Khan AKA Sallu Bhai.

Features of the Being In Touch App:

The Being In Touch app is all about the hardcore fans of Salman Khan he has officially announced the release of the app on 27th December 2016 which is his 51st birthday. The app will definitely help to reach out his fans to him and will be very exciting for the lover of Salman Khan to know all the latest happenings of Salu Bhai’s life.

Being In Touch Apk

  • In the fan wall of the Being In Touch app, you will be able to connect all the others fans of Salman Khan those who are using the application. Start having a conversation by sending text messages and choose by searching for the nearby location to connect with the fans of Salman Khan.
  • Salman Khan fans or followers in different social media site will get to know about him in details like the way he lives his everyday lives, favorite sports, and place, etc.
  • Stay in touch with Salman Khan all the time without any kind of trouble.
  • The app will provide you up to dates on the details of the personal life of the Salman Khan.
  • The Being In Touch application Shares your views or thoughts on Salman Khan’s life story or anything related to him.
  • The Being In Touch homepage of the application will offer you the latest videos and images that are posted in different types of social media accounts. In simple words, it will enable you to watch rare videos and photos of Salman Khan.
  • The khandaan options will enable you to view any of the clothes that are available in the clothing store in the name of the being human by the brand ambassador Salman Khan. In the meantime, if you go for this Khandaan options in the Being In Touch app then you will be able to use the coupon discount to purchase clothes at cheap prices that are available in the being the human clothing store.
  • In the about options, you will be able to learn the biography, hobbies, favorite food, filmography and Salman Khan official which can be installed in this options of the Being In Touch app.


Being In Touch is available as third party application in the market that is apk file version also in the most popular Google Play Store. Download Being In Touch app by today and know almost everything about Salman Khan and grab the opportunity if the khanda options clothing store couple discount offers. It will allow you to access the official account of Salman Khan’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The full version of the application is absolutely free of cost without any kind of extra charges included.

Being In Touch APK Download : Here’s How To Install Salman Khan’s App
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