*32 MINUTE FLIGHT* Los Angeles to San Diego Trip Report

A very short hop from Los Angeles to San Diego on an AWESOME sounding Boeing 717 (MD95).
Flight Info:
Date: 11/20/18
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Aircraft: Boeing 717-2BD (N978AT)
Engines: 2x Rolls Royce BR715
Flight Number: DL2562
Route: LAX-SAN
Seat: 25E
Departure time: 10:04 PM
Arrival time: 10:36 PM
Flight Time: 0:32
Departure runway: ?
Arrival runway: 27
Camera: Sony A6500 (16-50mm) GoPro Hero 7
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10 thoughts on “*32 MINUTE FLIGHT* Los Angeles to San Diego Trip Report

  1. 0:18 ROAR
    2:31 Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER Takes off
    3:07 Boeing 757 gets inspected
    3:25 British A380
    3:31 Boarding
    4:00 Arriving at my seat
    4:13 Captain’s announcement
    4:52 Barking APU (Yes, 717 has a barking APU like the A320)
    5:30 Speakers on MAX, because hell breaks loose (Engine Start)
    9:10 Taxi begins (BR715 Sounds so pleasing when spooling up, it’s undescribable)
    11:15 EPIC Takeoff (MUST HEAR!!!)
    7:20 Captain’s cruising announcement
    17:56 Scary looking engine
    21:36 BR715 closeup shot
    22:41 Cabin
    22:50 Descent announcement
    25:10 BR715 Spools up and down constantly (VERY pleasing to hear! Amazing engine sound, I can’t describe it in words. Just listen to the whine while we approach SAN)
    27:29 Lights on (Final pre-landing check and announcement)
    29:40 above San Diego
    22:50 amazing sounds throughout the approach, once again 😀
    33:48 Approach
    35:30 Engine spool ups and downs
    36:02 turning
    37:29 Biangular
    38:16 Gear and flaps down
    41:20 Passing Balboa Park and the apartment building where I used to live
    41:50 Short final
    44:57 Arriving at gate
    46:38 Pilot shuts down engines before arriving at the gate and uses momentum to park
    47:42 Cock pit showcase, big thanks to the pilots for letting me check out the cock pit!!!

  2. Like!!!!👍👍👍👍😀😀

  3. Cool video!

    1. Thanks!!!

  4. That’s like my favorite part of flying takeoff and landing

    1. Mine too

  5. I love rolls royce engines

    1. So do I

  6. Weezer back

    1. Dam U fast

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