20 BEST THINGS TO DO IN LOS ANGELES ♥ Top Attractions LA Travel Guide

On my trip to los angeles, I thought I’d do a countdown of my best things to do in los angeles and list of top los angeles hightlights. 20 Things to Do in Los Angeles : http://grrrltraveler.com/countries/north-america/los-angeles/20-things-to-do-in-los-angeles/

Los Angeles. Entertainment capital of the world. Ready for it?

Here’s a travel guide of the 20 Best things to do in Los Angeles and top attractions in LA:

1. Hollywood Blvd
2. El Capitan
3. Kodak Building
4. Walk of Fame/ Star Walk
5. Mann’s Chinese Theater
6. Rock of Fame
7. Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Watch video: 4 Weirdly Cool Museums in L.A.| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfyQKODiJX4)
8. Runyon Canyon
9. Hike the Hollywood Sign
10. Canter’s Deli
11. La Brea Tarpits
12. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
8. Free Museum Days
14. Free Live Tapings
15. Eating in L.A.
16. Griffith Observatory
17. The Comedy Store
18. Nightlife L.A.
19 Eating out L.A.
20. Venice Beach

For more information on Things to Know before you Go to Los Angeles: http://grrrltraveler.com/trip-planning/things-to-know-before-you-go-to-los-angeles/

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  1. Number 1 go to Compton and see a shooting

  2. I thought LA was a place people escape from not go to.

  3. Drecksstadt…. New York ist 1000x besser

    Hollywood Boulevard…eine echte Enttäuschung Times Square dagegen Hammer!
    Der tolle Fahrradweg nach venice…entlang des Weges überall penner und Obdachlose…wow!!!
    Alle Sehenswürdigkeiten liegen außerdem einfach viel zu weit auseinander…einmal gesehen, reicht!

  4. How could someone live in L.A and be a Vegan 😂

  5. Ima live in los angelos when I grow up cause I want to be an actor

  6. It’s 2019 y’all 😀😀😀

  7. next year i will visit LA im excited

  8. 2:20 um sis I think there’s a bear behind you

  9. Best place in America. Hate if you want, you’re probably just jealous.

  10. Beautiful work… Thanks a lot for the video. 😀

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