12s Travel Guide: Los Angeles | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

If you’re a 12 traveling to Los Angeles for the team’s Week 14 matchup against the Rams, hear from defensive end Rasheem Green and running back Rashaad Penny as they tell you a handful of spots you must visit on your trip.

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21 thoughts on “12s Travel Guide: Los Angeles | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

  1. PSA: across the street from Simply Wholesome is a FIRE teriyaki spot SACHI TERIYAKI HOUSE…also pretty much any taco stand… since Seattle has no decent Mexican food LOL you can thank me later 😉 let’s go HAWKS!!!

  2. Come on Seattle. Beat the rams. Let’s go 11 @ 2. . Go SEAHAWKS Seattle all the way…

  3. Imma be at this game ! Go hawks 💚💙

  4. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I wish I could visit Los Angeles

    1. Uzi Jimenez I will

    2. It’s awesome over here you should come

  6. Let’s eat up those lamb chops! 🍗

  7. Rasheem what are you doing? Lol don’t go to Hollywood that place is a hell hole.

    1. @Rowdy Jr. Not much how about you

    2. @ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ – Wassup Caiden. 👋

    3. @Rowdy Jr. Hey Rowdy how’s it going man

    4. The way they treat their movie actors and make them do fucked up shit to entertain the masses is so evil. 😢 The corruption over there is unbelievably repulsive. We forced NCAA to pay the players and stop with the athlete slavery nonsense. Now, it’s time to take down Hollyweird so that future movie actors don’t have to be a slave or a (puppet) to the system. Then, we need to overthrow the devil manifested corporation name the US Government. ✊👊

  8. Go hawks!

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